Caitlin Brown

"Aleevly staff was totally helpful. They explained everything to me thoroughly and quickly and listened to what my needs were. I had a wonderful experience with them." April 26, 2018

Helen Kohler

"From my personal experience, this is the best company. They work very hard for you to get what you need with great results.They understand your circumstances. I highly recommend them. I wouldn’t use anyone else." March 12, 2018

Andrew Hernandez

"Jennifer was very helpful and understandable she did a great job explaining everything to me. I am still in the process of relieving my debt but so far they have helped me out a lot. I feel more comfortable with the process." February 19, 2018

Justin Marx

"Not only was I getting things paid off, I was getting them paid off so much faster than I would have then if I was just dealing with creditors." May 26, 2017

Anthony Brennan

"They are very friendly and helpful. They make you feel at ease." September 7, 2017

Jason Williams

"Very prompt. Persistent in a professional manner and patient.I had a great experience." November 16, 2017

Erick Davis

"My consultation with Mike was great. He was very informative and helped me through the entire process." February 9, 2018

Diana Velez

"Could not have asked for a better experience! Danielle was a wonderful first point of contact! Impressed with the entire process! Highest recommendation!!" December 14, 2017

Amanda Leavitt

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me and for all of the work you did with my credit cards and so forth. I can say that I am still stressed but it will be alleviated soon. Thanks to you and the company." October 23, 2017

Ellie Foster

"My experience was wonderful. Everyone was courteous and efficient. They were understanding of my debt situation and helped me to be able to reach my goal. Ryan was wonderful explaining all the details and helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend this company." May 2, 2018

Jennifer Wright

"This is the best debt management program I can recommend to anyone. It is very professional and has saved my finances. I had a great experience with Aleevly. Thank you!" August 30, 2017

Thomas Burke

"Knowing that I had thousands of dollars in debt was a constant stress for me. Once it was all paid off, it was like, wow, I don’t owe anyone anything. It is the greatest feeling. It feels like the weight is coming off your shoulders. Thank you for your help." May 2, 2017

Julie Harris

"John has been very helpful and understanding whenever I call him. He explains the whole process and answers all the questions I may have in a simple and clear manner. He did not make me feel embarrassed or shameful over my debt situation. He is truly a great person." July 2, 2017

Angela Rossi

"Aleevly has been really good for my husband and me. Our credit score did drop at first but now that several debts have been paid through our scores have soared up fast. We are less than a year from being debt free. Danielle is fantastic, she keeps on top of things. She was knowledgeable and made the process easy to understand. I would highly recommend Aleevly." November 21, 2017

Jeffrey Torres

"Painless process. Reps are knowledgeable and understanding to your specific needs. Answers every concern without talking your ears off. I really like the fact that they will make every effort to help with your financial concerns." April 14, 2017

Aimee Cifuentes

"Mike, thank you so much for your help with this debt situation I have. You were non judgmental and I felt so comfortable talking to you. You were not pushy and explained everything clearly. You have been extremely helpful and I thank you so much. Aleevly company seems very well organized and very experienced from what I have read. You are very professional yet kind and I am very glad I went with your company." January 26, 2018

Kristen Lee

"I was apprehensive at the beginning working with Jennifer but she quickly made me feel at ease. She clearly explained where I stood and how she could help me. She didn’t pressure me to make a snap decision. The whole time we worked together to solve my issue she was friendly yet very professional too. in the end I was very comfortable with the plan we came up with. I know exactly how, when and why things are going to happen." September 10, 2017

Michael Markman

"I personally wanted to take this time to acknowledge Mike for the great in handling my account. I mentioned to Mike my disgust with another debt settlement company and how poorly they treat their customers. Mike put my mind at ease immediately. After discussing my goals, I felt that I was in very good hands. So far, I am extremely pleased with Aleevly. My hats off to Mike who represents your company well. Anyone who may come in contact with him could rest assured that they were being handled properly. I will recommend Mike and Aleevly to anyone in need of debt relief assistance." August 9, 2017

Michelle Thompson

"I have recently signed up with Aleevly and was lucky enough to have Jennifer counsel me through the whole process. I had been shopping around for a consolidation company for a couple of weeks now and Aleevly was who I picked out. It had great reviews on customer service. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She answered all of my questions and went through the process step by step ensuring me that I am always in control throughout this whole process which made me feel great. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know that needs the help. She was absolutely wonderful and you are lucky to have her working for your company." June 7, 2017

Robert Martin

"I reviewed many debt relief companies before making my decision and found that most provided the same service. What made me decide to go with Aleevly was their honesty. Mike was knowledgeable, understood my reluctance to sign up and answered many, many questions that I had. He is always available to help. Since I have just signed on, I have a lot of questions and Mike will always answer them for me instead of just forwarding me to customer service. It is nice to know that I can still contact him by email and he will be there to answer my questions." March 27, 2018