Whether you need to lower your monthly payments, or you’d like to pay less interest over time, refinancing your loan may be a good option.  You may be able to qualify for a lower rate,  or a shorter or longer loan term, depending on your situation.

You may be able to refinance your personal, home and/or private student loans. It gives you the opportunity to refinance at a lower interest rate than your original loan. You may also be able to get extra cash when your refinance.

If your new refinance loan has a lower rate but the same term, you’ll have lower monthly payments. However, if you refinance with a longer repayment period, you may lower your monthly payment, but you may also increase the total amount you pay over time. Keep in mind that you can always pay off the loan faster by making more than the minimum monthly payment. However, check with your lender first, as some may charge an early payment fee.

This is not a solution you can do by yourself. You will need to work with a lender. It’s important to take your time and make sure you are aware of all the risks and benefits.

Explore refinancing options today to find out if they might be right for you. Talk to one of our Certified Debt Consultants today at 877-506-5355.


  • Better interest rates
  • Lower payments
  • Shorten loan length
  • Change loan type


  • Transaction costs and fees
  • Higher interest if period extends