Every day, our expert negotiators help clients settle their debt for a fraction of what they owe.

Here are some of the top settlements we’ve recently negotiated for our clients. Please remember that every person’s situation is different and that there is not a fixed settlement percentage. These settlements were obtained for consumers who successfully met all program terms and received settlement offers. Results may vary.


Client Name Client Owed Client Paid Client Saved
Eric P. $7,122.69 $2,145.42 $4,977.27
Aimee C. $19,664.34 $5,753.22 $13,911.12
Sharon T. $10,641.61 $2,700.37 $7,941.24
Denise G. $3,002.89 $1,200.47 $1,802.42
Chris J. $5,967.92 $1,068.66 $4,899.25


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