Credit counseling does not reduce the amount of debt you owe. Instead, a credit counselor can set up an affordable payment plan and offer lower interest rates that have been pre-negotiated with your creditors. Through credit counseling, you can also enroll, for a fee, in a debt management plan (DMP).

A DMP is a systematic way to pay down your outstanding debt through monthly payments to your credit counseling agency, which will then distribute these funds to your creditors. This is different from debt resolution because your debts are not settled for a lesser amount and monthly plan payments could be higher than your current minimum payments.

This strategy could help protect you from creditor collection actions and could prevent you from becoming delinquent. It could be a good option for you if you can afford your monthly payments, have lower debt amounts, and/or are current on at least one credit card.

However, if you are currently struggling to make minimum payments and aren’t comfortable with the fact that credit counseling could require you to pay even more each month, then this may not be the right option.

Let one of the Certified Debt Consultants at Aleevly Debt Relief help you determine which strategy is best for you. 


  • Lower rates and fees
  • One monthly payment
  • No collection calls


  • Principal debt not reduced
  • Credit card accounts closed
  • Lenders may view you as credit risk